Overview of Habilitation and Dissertation Theses

Habilitation Theses

  • Radu, Florin Adrian:
    “Convergent mass conservative schemes for flow and reactive solute transport in variably saturated porous media”, 2013 (pdf file 0,4 MB)
  • Suciu, Nicolae:
    “Diffusion in random velocity fields with applications to hydrogeology”, 2013  (pdf file, 2,2 MB)
  • Kräutle, Serge:
    “General multi-species reactive transport problems in porous media: Efficient numerical approaches and existence of global solutions”, 2008 (pdf file, 2 MB)
  • Bause, Markus:
    “On some stabilized approximation schemes for steady and unsteady compressible viscous flow: A mathematical and computational approach”, 2004
  • Eck, Christof:
    “A two-scale phase field model for liquid-solid phase transitions of binary mixtures with dendritic microstructure”, 2004

Dissertation Theses

  • Rupp, Andreas:
    Simulating Structure Formation in Soils across Scales using Discontinuous Galerkin Methods “, 2019 (Shaker Verlag)
  • Metzger, Stefan:
    Diffuse interface models for complex flow scenarios : modeling, analysis, and simulation”, 2017 (Verlag Dr. Hut).
  • Schießl, Stefan:
    “Jet and fiber dynamics with high elongations: models, numerical strategies and applications”, 2017 (Fraunhofer Verlag).
  • Lu, Yi:
    “Gramian projection-based interpolation strategy for parametric model order reduction of gas pipeline-networks”, 2017 (Volltext UB Erlangen).
  • Gahn, Markus:
    “Derivation of effective models for reaction-diffusion processes in multi-component media”, 2016 (Shaker Verlag).
  • Brunner, Fabian:
    “Mehrphasen-Mehrkomponenten-Fluss in porösen Medien mit allgemeinen chemischen Reaktionen: effiziente Problemformulierungen, massenerhaltende Diskretisierungen und Konvergenzordnungsanalyse”, 2015 (Volltext UB Erlangen)
  • Cibis, Thomas:
    “Homogenisierungsstrategien für Filament-Strömungs-Wechselwirkungen”, 2015 (Verlag Dr. Hut)
  • Herz, Matthias:
    “Mathematical modeling and analysis of electrolyte solutions”, 2014 (pdf file, 1,6 MB)
  • Klingbeil, Fabian:
    “On the numerics of diffuse-interface models for two-phase flow with species transport”, 2014 (UB Erlangen)
  • Krehel, Oleh:
    “Aggregation and fragmentation in reaction-diusion systems posed in heterogeneous domains”, 2014 (TUE/FAU pdf)
  • Frank, Florian:
    “Numerical studies of models for electrokinetic flow and charged solute transport in periodic porous media”, 2013 (UB Erlangen)
  • Fischer, Julian:
    “Optimal estimates on front propagation for the thin-film equation and other fourth-order parabolic equations “, 2013 (pdf file, 1,4 MB)
  • Ray, Nadja:
    “Colloidal transport in porous media – modeling and analysis”, 2013 (pdf file, 2,7 MB)
  • Müller, Torsten:
    “A generalized fully coupled hybrid-mixed finite element approximation for multi-component two-phase flows in porous media”, 2013 (Volltext UB Erlangen)
  • Lorenz, Maike:
    “On a viscoelastic fibre model – Asymptotics and numerics”, 2013 (Verlag Dr. Hut)
  • Blume, Michael:
    “Identifizierung nichtlinearer Koeffzientenfunktionen des reaktiven Transports durch poröse Medien unter Verwendung rekursiver und formfreier Ansätze”, 2011, (pdf file, 3,1 MB)
  • Hoffmann, Joachim:
    “Reactive transport and mineral dissolution/precipitation in porous media: Efficient solution algorithms, benchmark computations and existence of global solutions”, 2010, (PDF file, 8,7 MB)
  • Oßmann, Stephan:
    “Ein modifiziertes Newtonverfahren mit selektiver Kopplung zur Lösung von hydrogeochemischen Mehrkomponentenmodellen”, 2008, (pdf file, 1MB)
  • Prechtel, Alexander:
    “Modelling and efficient numerical solution of hydrogeochemical multicomponent transport problems by process-preserving decoupling techniques”, 2005 (pdf file, 1,3 MB)
  • Radu, Florin:
    “Mixed finite element discretization of Richards’ equation: error analysis and application to realistic infiltration problems”, 2004
  • Jadamba, Baasansuren:
    “Finite element error estimates for a phase field model associated to binary alloys”, 2004 (pdf file, 1,8 MB)
  • Bitterlich, Sandro:
    “Identifizierung der hydraulischen Funktionen poröser Medien unter Verwendung formfreier Ansätze”, 2003 (pdf file , 2,7 MB)
  • David, Cecilia:
    “An adaptive mixed finite element method for linear and nonlinear parabolic problems”, 2002
  • Kräutle, Serge:
    “A Navier-Stokes Solver Based on CGBI and the Method of Characteristics”, June 2001 (pdf file, 8,6 MB) (advisor and 1st reviewer: Borchers)
  • Summ, Gerhard:
    “Lösbarkeit und Diskretisierung der gemischten Formulierung für Darcy-Forchheimer-Fluss in porösen Medien”, 2001,
  • Schneid, Eckhard:
    “Hybrid-Gemischte Finite-Elemente-Diskretisierung der Richards-Gleichung”, 2000,
  • Tapp, Christoph:
    “Anisotrope Gitter – Generierung und Verfeinerung”, 1999
  • Thiele, Kathrin:
    “Adaptive Finite Volume Discretisation of Density Driven Flows in Porous Media”, 1999
  • Lührmann, Ludger:
    “Modellierung des kolloidgetragenen Schadstofftransports unter Berücksichtigung von Sorptions- und Filtrationsprozessen”, 1999
  • Igler, Bodo:
    “Identification of Nonlinear Coefficient Functions in Reactive Transport through Porous Media”, 1998
  • Kappmeier, Holger:
    “Lagrange-Galerkin Approximation for Advection-Dominated Contaminant Transportin Porous Media with Equilibrium and Non-Equilibrium Sorption”, 1997


Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg