Research interests

  • finite element methods, in particular discontinuous Galerkin schemes;
  • mesh adaptivity in parallel;
  • high performance computing and accelerators with a focus on scientific and engineering applications;
  • scientific software.

KONWIHR project 2014

In autumn 2014, I spent two months at RRZE’s HPC optimizing the node level performance and resource utilization of our software UTBEST3D. This was funded by the “KONWIHR Multi-Core Software Initiative”. At the KONWIHR-website you can find the executive summary of this project.
A more detailed description of the conducted work is available in the corresponding report.

Own publication



FESTUNG – Finite Element Simulation Toolbox for UNstructured Grids. SIAM Geosciences 2017, Erlangen, September 2017. (PDF)

Boosting node-level performance with compile-time generated and evaluated lookup of loop lengths. PhD Forum, ISC High Performance, Frankfurt, June 2016. (PDF)

Master thesis

Coarsening of Simplicial Meshes for Large Scale Parallel FEM Computations with DOLFIN HPC: A parallel implementation of the edge collapse algorithm. KTH Stockholm, Sweden, June 2013. TRITA-MAT-E, 2013:37.

Bachelor thesis

Parallele Simulation der Lichtausbreitung von Multilinsensystemen auf GPGPUs. FAU Erlangen, Deutschland, August 2012. Chair for Computer Architecture.

Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg