System Administration PC-Pools


There are three different PC-Rooms available for students:

  • PC-Pool 1: 00.230
  • PC-Pool 2: 00.326
  • Praktikum 1: 00.325

To login you need to use the RRZE-Account (User identification on the FAUcard). Use your RRZE-Login.

Rules of conduct in the PC-Pools:

  • Always leave the computer workstations clean and treat the furniture and equipment carefully.
  • Throw trash in the bin. Do not leave it at your desk.
  • When leaving the PC-Pool always remember to log out.
  • You must not block the doors.
  • If you are the last one leaving make sure that all Windows and doors are shut.
  • Due to updates overnight you are not allowed to shut any computer down.
  • Do not disturb other students with noise (e.g. loud music)
  • Do not make hardware changes (e.g. switch cables)
  • Lectures are considered of higher priority.
  • For personal laptops you may use the WLAN from RRZE, but do not disconnect CIP-Clients or use the sockets.
  • Do not install own software.
  • Passing passwords results in the deactivation of the account.
  • For further Information here.

Office hours and access to PC Pools

Access to PC-Pools is possible during the opening hours of the Department  by using the FAUcard to unlock the electronic locking system.

Unlocking the FAUcard at the Department of Mathematics is done by Mr. Bayer (Room 01.330), by Mrs. Zintchenko (Room 01.342). Therefore a certificate of enrollment is needed.

Service hours:

Mr. Bayer Room 01.330 Mon – Thu 09:00 – 12:00, 13:00 – 15:00
Mrs. Zintchenko Room 01.342 Mon
09:00 – 11:00
13:00 – 15:00
09:00 – 11:00

Old Mensacards don’t work.


As a math student, you may redeem your free print allotment amounting to 300 pages at the beginning of the respective semester by filling in this form (Only available within the universities network) . Leftovers will expire at the end of every term. Free pages are not assignable.

There is also the option to extend your allotment by paying 0.05€ per page with cash. To do so, please visit Frau Zintchenko at room 01.342. Of course the bought pages won’t expire at the end of each semester
Use to see how many pages are still left. (Only available within the universities network)

In the PC-Pool printing is on the following devices possible:

PC-Pool 1 (00.230):

  • cip1-printer1 (Lexmark X463de)
  • cip1-printer3 (Lexmark X463de)
  • cip1-printer4 (HP LaserJet M806)

PC-Pool 2 (00.326):

  • cip2-printer1 (Lexmark X463)

For Duplex/double-sided-printing select the therefore intended option in the respective option-menue (e.g. evince, okular, etc).

  • “evince datei.pdf”Print -> Page Setup ->Two-sided: Long Edge

Attention: The documentviewer acroread is not recommended, because of the huge amount of defects whilst starting programs, saving or printing. Better choices are okular or evince for opening and printing of PDFs. Instruction on how to change the standard PDF-viewer exists here.

Printing transparent sheets is possible on the Lexmark-Drucker (here).

Canceling and viewing printing jobs is possible.

On the menu bar, click on the Ubuntu symbol to open the Dash. Use the search bar to look for „printers“. Click on the printer symbol – a window will open with all the available printers. In the menu bar click on printer „Printer“. A drop menu will appear. Select „View Print Queue“. A window with a list of all the printjobs will open. By selecting your own printjob, you are able to delete it.


Scanning is possible at the following printers:

  • cip1-printer1
  • cip1-printer3
  • cip2-printer1

Step-by-Step Instruction:

  1. Insert the page to be scanned at the top.
  2. Press the e-mail Button.
  3. Enter the destination address (the address the page is intended to be sent to).
  4. (optional) Select Options on the bottom right and adjust the settings.
  5. Press e-mail it .
  6. You should receive an E-mail from MAILER-DAEMON. In the appendix of this e-mail you will find the scanned page in the right formatting. (standard: pdf)


If you can’t run

  • Matlab,
  • Maple,
  • Mathematica

corecctly, that’s probably because the software hasn’t been licensed yet. Use the input field in the menu for the license server and enter:

(for Maple)

(for Matlab and Mathematica)

It is also possible to change the license data file ~/.Mathematica/Licensing/mathpass auf ! .

Now the program should run correctly (see also here). If you still have problems, feel free to call 67335 or visit room 01.330.


Overview of useful programs:

brasero program to burn a CD/DVD
chromium-browser webbrowser
eclipse integrated development environment
evince document viewer, e.g. PDF
firefox webbrowser
gedit editor
geogebra interactive, geometric and calculus application
eog Image Viewer
kile integrated development environment for LATEX
libreoffice office suite
maple computer algebra system
mathematica program used in many scientific, engineering, mathematical and computing fields
matlab numerical computing environment
nautilus file manager for GNOME desktop
octave numerical computing environment
okular document viewer, e.g. PDF
terminal (Ctrl+Alt+t) unix/ linux shell
thunderbird email client, here
vlc media player
wxmaxima open-source graphical user interface
xfig vector graphics editor


All programs can be started via the dash (“Windows” key) or the terminal


In general, the home directory quota is limited to 3 GB (the command ‘du -sh ~‘  will display your current home directory size).  Thus, please refrain from using Dropbox-sync, as you may easily exceed your quota almost immediately without your notice.

If you happen to exceed the home directory quota (which often will result in not being able to login): Login via console (Ctrl+Alt+F1, US keyboard layout), look for unnecessary and big files and delete them. Ideal places to look for are for example Downloads, the complete directory .mozilla/firefox/*.default/Cache/ and .thunderbird/*.default/ .

A complete list of data will be displayed when using the command ls, e.g.  ls Downloads .

Remove single data using the command rm, e.g. rm Downloads/enormously_huge_data.pdf .

To remove whole directories, use the command rm -r, e.g. rm -r .mozilla/firefox/*.default/Cache/ .

When you finished shrinking your home directory size to 3 GB (use  du -sh ~  to check), logout with the command exit and return to the usual interface by pressing Ctrl+Alt+F7.

Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg