A Simulation toolbox for MRX

SiMRX is a MRX simulation toolbox written in MATLAB for simulation of realistic 2D and 3D Magnetorelaxometry (MRX) setups, including coils, sensors and activation patterns. MRX is a new modality that uses magnetic nanoparticles (MNP) as contrast agent and shows promising results in medical applications, e.g. cancer treatment. Its basic principles were outlined in [Baumgarten et al., 2008], further elaborated in [Liebl et al., 2014], transferred into a rigorous mathematical model and analyzed in [Föcke et al., 2018].

For a description of included features and usage examples see the tech report available at arXiv.

Please checkout the project using git with

git clone

or download the latest stable version as .zip-File.

Please check the repository page for usage instructions.

Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg