Master and PhD projects

Bachelor, Master and PhD projects/theses

If you are interested in a topic from functional analysis, mathematical quantum physics, operator algebras or braid groups, then you can write your MSc thesis in our group. Please get in touch in order to arrange a topic and supervision. Also Bachelor projects are available, see for example the suggested topics from the seminar on low-dimensional topology (StudOn link).

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Ongoing PhD projects

  • Charley Scotford (Cardiff University)
    Charley works on short-distance scaling limits of low-dimensional quantum field theories.
  • Tasarla Deadman (Cardiff University)
    Tasarla works on braid group representations and unitary solutions of the Yang-Baxter equation.

Completed PhD projects

Completed Master- und Diploma projects

  • Timothy Weaving
    MSc 2020, Cardiff University
    Project: Quantum Information
  • Nathaniel Fox
    MSc 2017, Cardiff University
    Project: Transparent potentials for quantum scattering
  • Charley Scotford
    MSc 2017, Cardiff University
    Project: Supersymmetric quantum mechanics
  • Peter Sutherns
    MSc 2016, Cardiff University
    Project: The Radon Transform
  • Giovanni Cattarina
    Laurea/MSc 07/2016 Bologna/Cardiff
    Project: Link Invariants, Braid Groups and Classification of Enhanced Yang-Baxter Operators in d=2
  • Albert Huber
    Diploma 04/2012, Universität Wien
    Project: Thermal Equilibrium States in Deformed Quantum Field Theory
  • Christian Schützenhofer
    Diploma 12/2011, Universität Wien
    Project: Multi-particle S-matrix models in 1+1 dimensions and associated QFTs

Other completed student / internship projects

  • Owen Tanner
    CUROP projekt student, July/August 2019, Cardiff University (supervision jointly with Ulrich Pennig)
    Project: Von Neumann Algebras
  • Vidal Agniel
    International project student, summer 2016, Cardiff University
    Project: Study of weighted composition operators on Bergman and Hardy spaces


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