Learning Areas for Students

The majority of the facilities of the Department of Mathematics are located in the Felix-Klein-Building, Cauerstr. 11 in Erlangen. The students of the Department of Mathematics can use multiple learning areas in the Felix-Klein-Building for communication, group work or general studying:

The communication zones (Rooms 01.373, 02.315, 02.331, 03.373 and 04.373-1) can be used by students for group work, homework assignments and scientific discussion.

The lounge (Room 02.373) is opened in workdays from 11 to 15 o’clock to get in contact with the lecturers. The lounge is not suitable for doing homework assignments.

In the PC pools (PC-Pool 1 / 00.230-128 and PC-Pool 2 / 00.326-128 as well as Praktikum 1 / 00.325-128) students can use work stations for computer based applications.

The Departmental library 18: Mathematics and Computer Sciences is part of the UB Erlangen-Nürnberg and is open for students and scientific staff members of the Department of Mathematics.


Usage rules for the practice rooms during the lecture-free period (holiday operation)

The practice rooms can also be opened for groups under special conditions. Please note the following:

– During the holidays of the department, the communication zones are to be used first as practice rooms for students.
– For groups of 5 persons or more, a practice room can be opened, provided it is available (free).
– The meeting rooms of the departments are to be kept closed.
– Attention must be paid to cleanliness!
– If the blackboard is used, it must be wiped when leaving the room.
– The locking of the room must be organized by the students.
– Regular opening hours: 8-16 o’clock

Opening is only possible if the name, matriculation number and a signature is provided by the department office, the teaching and study division or a secretary’s office!