Kolloquium: Michael Harris (Columbia University): "Mechanization of mathematics?"

Jun 06
06-06-2023 4:30 PM Uhr bis 5:30 PM Uhr
HS H13, Cauerstr. 11, Erlangen

Mechanization of mathematics? – Vortragender: Michael Harris, Columbia University – Einladender: Bart Van Steirteghem

While everyone else is talking about ChatGPT and asking whether artificial intelligence really has a 10% chance of destroying civilization, mathematicians are wondering whether the new technologies will make human mathematics obsolete, or better, or both. One’s position on the possible future mechanization of mathematics is a function of one’s view of mathematics itself. Is it a means to an end that can be achieved as well, or better, by a competent machine as by a human being? If so, what is that end, and why are machines seen as more reliable than humans? Or is mathematics rather an end in itself, a human practice that is pursued for its intrinsic value? If so, what could that value be, and can it ever be shared with machines?
I will talk about the background to these speculations and the mathematical community’s efforts to adapt.