Information for teachers

Advisory services for schools and prospective students:

The following questions often arise before the start of studies:

  • Am I suitable for mathematics studies?
  • What courses of study are available in Erlangen’s mathematics department?
  • Which questions are dealt with in final theses?
  • What career opportunities do I have with a degree in mathematics?


In order to answer these and similar questions from students, we offer (at the moment these are the professors F. Duzaar, F. Liers, G. Keller, A. Knauf, A. Martin and C. Meusburger) a visit to schools in the surrounding area. A 45-minute or 90-minute lesson is planned. In the second case, in addition to providing information and answering questions, there will be time for a lecture that will provide an insight into current research.


Contact: Frau I. Moch

W- und P-Seminare

At the Department of Mathematics Prof. Dr. Friedrich Knop is the contact person for teachers of W- and P-seminars.

Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg