Math self-assessment test

Sense of self-assessment test:

This online self-test should help you decide whether you want to study mathematics at the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg. It lasts about 60 minutes, is anonymous and consists of partly consecutive tasks. You answer these partly by selecting from several answers, partly with pen and paper and then comparing them with the correct solution.

At the end of each of the three partial blocks you will receive your score. But more important is whether you find the content of the questions interesting, the feeling of growing with the tasks and believe that you can permanently enjoy university mathematics.

Because this is – and this is what the test is intended to convey to you – clearly different from school mathematics. Your main occupation will be to solve tasks and problems, typically in small groups. You will understand, prove and apply statements instead of memorizing formulas.

Look at the linked scripts (especially for the pre-course) and exercise sheets of Analysis I and Linear Algebra I. Typically, students in their first semester have and need a week to work on these. They should be as honest as possible to themselves when answering the questions. Take the time, prepare a quiet environment and turn off your mobile phone (unless you use it for the test; this is possible, but presentation problems cannot be excluded).

What this test cannot do is:
– To make it easier for you to choose one of the courses of study offered by the FAU Department of Mathematics (Bachelor of MathematicsIndustrial Mathematics and Economics and Mathematics, or the Advanced Teaching Profession). In fact, in all these courses the same beginner lectures are attended, so the differences are small at first.
– Replace a course guidance service.
– To help you choose your place of study. In fact, the differences between the mathematics departments of different universities are rather small.

Data protection
We, the Department of Mathematics, do not collect any personal data in this test. We evaluate the test results statistically in order to know better what knowledge and skills we can expect from students in the first semester. Of course, we are also interested in improving this self-assessment test. Therefore we are looking forward to your feedback, at

To the self-assessment test.


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