Becoming a student assistant

Recruitment of student assistants and assistants with Bachelor’s degree

How do you become an assistant, i.e. a trainer, for a Mathematics lecture or a lecture in Industrial Mathematics?

The system administration of our computer system is permanently looking for student assistants to look after the computers in the PC pools and at the workstations of our scientists.


  • You are studying a mathematical or technical subject.
  • You have passed the lectures of the first semester in your degree programme.
  • You are interested in computers and technical problem solutions.
  • You are enjoying helping others.
  • You should ideally have some experience with Linux and programming skills. However, both can also be learned during the assistant’s work.

Contact person for student assistants of the System Adminsitration

is the head of our System Administraion, Dr.  Matthias Bauer.

For a job as a teaching assistant for mathematics lectures in the Department of Mathematics, please proceed as follows:


  • You have passed your Analysis I and II and Linear Algebra I and II modules with at least a good grade.
  • You have the feeling that you have well understood the material in the lecture to be tutored, or at least that you can understand it well.
  • You are enjoying teaching and are willing to invest the necessary time for corrections.
  • You are enrolled as a student and have not yet completed your studies.

Contact person for mathematics lectures

If all this is given, please apply in the periods beginning to the end of June (for the coming winter semester) or beginning to the end of January (for the coming summer semester) by sending an e-mail to the Teaching and Studies Department.

Please specify the following:

  • your grades in all the tests you have already passed (if any),
  • your current semester,
  • as well as the lectures (starting with your 1st choice) for which you want to work.

You can also contact them later on, as it happens again and again that a prospective customer drops out at short notice.

Contact for lectures in engineering mathematics:

For a job as an assistant for lectures in Engineering Mathematics, please contact the lecturers concerned or the secretariats of the relevant chairs directly. It is also possible to apply via

The secretaries responsible for recruitment are

General information of the Central University Administration on student assistants can be found here.

The following list contains the documents that students have to take with when they are first employed as assistants at the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg

  • Curriculum vitae (tabular or detailed, please include date and signature)
  • Certificate of matriculation
  • Bachelor certificate (if available)
  • Certificate for income tax deduction (can be requested from the parents’ tax office)
  • Foreign students from non-EU countries: valid residence permit
  • Foreign students from EU countries: Certificate of freedom of movement (available at the town hall or residents’ registration office of the place of residence)
  • Social insurance Card (copy)
  • Current membership certificate of the health insurance company
  • Forms that need to be filled in should be sent by e-mail to the responsible secretary or collected from her personally

The Department of Mathematics regularly offers seminars to qualify tutors. Participation in this tutorship training, together with a two-semester tutorship at the Department of Mathematics, is recognised as a key qualification to the extent of 5 ECTS points in the Bachelor’s programmes Mathematics, Engineering Mathematics and Mathematical Economics.


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