Holistic optimization of trajectrories and runway scheduling

HOTRUN – Holistic optimization of trajectories and runway scheduling

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This project is part of the German BMWi research program „Fünftes ziviles Luftfahrtforschungsprogramm, 3. Aufruf“ (BMWi). This program sponsors the development of technologies, which can be applied to solve various problems of the commercial aviation industry.


The subproject „Entwicklung mathematischer Optimierungsmethoden für robustes Runway Scheduling“ (RobRun) executed by our group, aims at generating optimal schedules using discrete optimization methods and respecting aircraft trajectories. Furthermore, uncertainties will be considered by using techniques of robust optimization. This enables the user to compute trajectories and schedules which, for example, hedge against disruptions (in a predefined range), or are able to recover as efficient as possible after a disruption occurred.
Thus, the overall goal of this project is to combine trajectory and runway schedule computation, including resilience against uncertainties, in order to obtain stable flight routes and landing, resp. take off, times. From a theoretical point of view, the relatively young field of robust opimization offers a lot of space for the development of new methods and the planned integrated solution of optimal control (for trajectory planning) and combinatorial optimization problems (scheduling) has hardly been investigated and bears great potential.

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For further details on this project, please contact Benno Hoch (benno.hoch[at]fau.de).
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