Smart Grid Optimization

Smart Grid Optimization


Decentralized power generation requires planning and scheduling for residential microgrids connected to the main public supply grid. We develop highly detailed models for smart grids including a photovoltaic module, a wind energy generator, a combined heat and power unit together with a battery and a heat storage unit. Our goal is to optimize day-ahead operation of this smart grid considering weather forecasts with regard to solar and wind power as well as to the electrical and heat power demand. The objective is minimization of costs to cover energy demand. In case surplus electrical energy is produced it can be sold to the public network operator, and then we aim to maximize profit of the microgrid owner. Possible further questions concern the planning of layouts of such grids.

Mathematically this problem results in a MIP problem, where the discrete aspects deal with switching processes of the combined heat and power unit. The whole problem includes uncertainties which can be handled with techniques of robust optimization.

This project is part of an EnCN Simulation Project at Energie Campus Nürnberg.


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