Optimal Control of Electrical Distribution Networks with Uncertain Solar Feed-In

Optimal Control of Electrical Distribution Networks with Uncertain Solar Feed-In

“Areic modelling, simulation and optimization of solar feed-in, power flow and control of electrical distribution networks with uncertain feed” is a collaborative project of the BMBF-funding measure “Mathematics for Innovations”. The project will be funded from January 01, 2018 to Dezember 31, 2020.


The steady expansion of renewable energies increases the need of efficient mathematical models for the prediction of renewable feed-in and for the corresponding control of electrical distribution networks.One challenging issue is the feed-in by photovoltaics. Innovative methods are needed to improve the conventional aggregation of point-based predictions. In combination with methods for the approximately representation of network levels it is possible to calculate and optimize power flows.We develop a space continuous stochastic model for local solar irradiations to determine probabilities of critical feed situations. To optimize network interventions we have to solve a large-scale nonlinear mixed-integer program (MINLP). We approximate the nonlinearities with piecewise-linear functions to construct linear relaxations. Another new approach is to immunize the model against uncertainty, which leads to a combination of stochastic and robust optimization.

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For further details about this project please contact Kevin-Martin Aigner (kevin-martin.aigner@fau.de).


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