PhD Theses

PhD Theses

PhD Theses treat usually complex mathematical optimization problems, for which there exist no satisfying solution methods so far. The problem results usually from concrete applications in industry and economy or from engineering and scientific questions. The main interest of our working group lies in optimization problems which contain combinatorial elements or decision-demanding questions, i.e. questions, which permit only yes/no answers. Mathematically, such questions can be formulated as mixed-integer linear or nonlinear problems (short MIP or MINLP). A thesis usually contains the setting of a suitable mathematical model, the analysis of the underlying MIPs and/or MINLPs, the development and extension of suitable solution procedures as well as the application on real and realistic data.

Current Works

  • Robust approaches for optimization problems with uncertain and online input
    Dennis Adelhütte
  • Optimal Control of Electrical Distribution Networks with Uncertain Solar Feed-In
    Kevin-Martin Aigner
  • Stochastic Optimization of Energy Systems
    Matej Ciesko
  • Developing MIP Methods for Supply Network Planning Problems
    Patrick Gemander
  • Robust Optimization in Air Traffic Management
    Manu Kapolke
  • Well-posedness of Deterministic and Uncertain LCPs with an Application to Electricity Markets
    Vanessa Krebs
  • Adaptive Methods for Optimizing Coupled pH-Systems
    Richard Krug
  • Mixed-Integer Nonlinear Bilevel Optimization in Energy Tariff Design
    Galina Orlinskaya
  • Learning of Optimization Models
    Oskar Schneider
  • Vehicle Scheduling in Rail Freight Service 
    Hanno Schülldorf
  • MIP methods for joint locomotive scheduling and driver rostering in rail freight traffic
    Jonasz Staszek
  • Robust Optimization with Applications in Energy Networks
    Johannes Thürauf
  • Minimizing Waiting Times in Patient Transportations and Rescue Missions
    Sebastian Tschuppik

Previous Works


  • Mixed-Integer Optimization for an Integrated Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment in the Automotive Industry – A Case Study Using the Example of Lithium-Ion Cells
    Lucia Bäuml
  • Algorithms for Mixed-Integer Bilevel Problems with Convex Followers
    Thomas Kleinert


  • Stückweise lineare Approximation von bilinearen Nebenbedingungen mit Anwendung auf hybride Energiesysteme ohne Netzanschluss
    Katja Kutzer


  • Exact Methods for Two-Stage Robust Optimization with Applications in Gas Networks
    Denis Aßmann
  • Adaptive Mixed-Integer Refinements for Solving Nonlinear Problems with Discrete Decisions


  • Mathematical Optimization of Matching Problems with Precedence Constraints – An Application to Runway Scheduling
    Andrea Peter
  • Incorporating Differential Equations into Mixed-Integer Programming for Gas Transport Optimization
    Mathias Sirvent


  • Uncertainty Models for Optimal and Robust ATM Schedules – Robuste Optimierungsmodelle für den Flugverkehr
    Andreas Heidt
  • Integer and Mixed-Integer Reformulations of Stochastic, Resource-Constrained, and Quadratic Matching Problems
    Lena Hupp
  • Solving Mixed-Integer Linear and Nonlinear Network Optimization Problems by Local Reformulations and Relaxations
    Maximilian Merkert


  • Habilitation Discrete methods for hard mixed-integer nonlinear problems
  • Computing maximal entry and exit capacities of transportation networks – Complexity analysis and a discrete relaxation applied to gas transmission systems
    Christine Hayn
  • Optimal Capacity Planning for the Transition of Energy Systems: Mathematical Models, Methods and Solutions
  • Approaches to Congestion Management in Electricity Networks: Equilibrium Models, Mathematical Analyses, and Computational Results
    Martin Weibelzahl
  • Solving mixed-integer programs arising in production planning
    Dieter Weninger


  • Solving Network Design Problems via Decomposition, Aggregation and Approximation – with an Application to the Optimal Expansion of Railway Infrastructure
    Andreas Bärmann
  • Discrete Approaches for Optimal Routing of High Pressure Pipes
    Jakob Schelbert
  • Binary Steiner Trees: Structural Results, Algorithms and an Application in Phylogeny
    Susanne Pape


  • Auctions in Exchange Trading Systems: Modeling Techniques and Algorithms
    Johannes Christian Müller


  • Mixed-Integer Semidefinite Programming with an Application to Truss Topology Design
  • Discrete-continuous optimization of complex dynamic water supply and urban drainage systems


  • Routing cars in rail freight service


  • Approximation of Nonlinear Dynamics in Gas Network Optimization


  • Integral Sheet Metal Design by Discrete Optimizition
  • A Scenario Tree-Based Decomposition for Solving Multistage Stochastic Programs with Application in Energy Production
  • Designing Coupled Energy Carrier Networks by Mixed-Integer Programming Methods


  • Protein Folding and Self-Avoiding Walks – Polyhedral Studies and Solutions


  • Relaxations and Solutions for the Minimum Graph Bisection Problem


  • Optimal Distribution of Block-Structured Grids in Parallel Computing
  • A Mixed Integer Approach for the Transient Case of Gas Network Optimization


  • The Integrated Optimization of School Starting Times and Public Transport


  • Habilitation Counting principles of algebraic combinatorics : with an emphasis on topological enumeration.
  • Mixed Integer Models for the Optimisation of Gas Networks in the Stationary Case
  • Mathematische Modellierung der Konsistenz und konsistenzerhaltender Erweiterungen von Vererbung in objektorientierten Sprachen
  • Rapid Mathematical Programming
Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg